Microblading Explained

Curious? here you can learn a bit more about what Microblading is all about. 

Microblading Procedure

Maggie Jewell Microblading one of our BFFs (clients).

Maggie Jewell Microblading one of our BFFs (clients).

What is Microblading and why is this procedure so popular?

Microblading is the art of creating hair strokes with pigment delivered by a hand held sterile disposable blade. It is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure--don't forget that; this IS a good thing. The procedure fades over time allowing you to have them reshaped as your face changes shape (weight changes, age, trend,etc). With Microblading you can do away with the nightmare of 'waking up sans brows' and spending tons of money buying brow pencils and potions from the makeup counter. Trying to get your brows into shape every morning is tedious and if you're in a hurry, quite the nerve wracking task. 

At The Beauty Factorie we use only the best. We use Kolorsource for our inks and we are always searching for the best possible numbing creams to ensure our procedures are as painless as possible. 

Microblading is the latest and greatest in corrective enhancement for your brows and if you lost your brows as a result of :

  • over tweezing
  • alopecia 
  • chemo 
  • stress

...Microblading is right for you. If you just want better brows, fuller brows, or brows that just wow everyone; then Microblading is right for you.

Trust us- it is life changing!😊

Don't neglect your brows ladies and gents, brows are important.

Your eyebrows are important because:

  • they frame your face
  • they give expression 
  • they give structure & life to your face
  • they make you look put together
  • they give you attitude


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